20 & 21 november 2014
Antwerp Belgium


Below is a list of all amazing speakers, who will host a session at the conference…

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Alain Krikilion

United Kingdom

Senior Dynamics NAV developer

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Alain started working with Navision in 1999 in Belgium and fast became expert with it. He lived in Italy from June 2002 until March 2015 and now has moved over to the UK working for QuantiQ as senior NAV developer. Specialized in solving (and avoiding!) performance issues on native NAV and SQL-DB, technical thingies to be programmed in NAV.

Specialized also in installing and configuring SQL server to avoid performance problems, to keep your data safe and your users, IT, colleagues happy.

Hosted sessions

Installing and configuring SQL Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Best practices to install and configure SQL Server for use on your portable, production and your partner environment with lots of databases.

We will start with the configurations to install SQL Server (this can be quite long, so we won’t be installing SQL Server during the workshop).

We’ll see the best configuration for your different environments.

We’ll create and delete users in SQL, we’ll create maintenance plans for your database and also how to create more efficient ones using SQL Server Agent.

We’ll see more in detail the different backup methods and how to restore them.

We’ll also see how PBM (Policy Based Management) can help you keeping your partner server under control.

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  • Skill 100-200
  • Very basic SQL Server Management Studio knowledge
  • Very basic TSQL knowledge
  • Technical Workshop Environment:
    • SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher. Standard/Developer/Enterprise Edition including SQL Server Management Studio
    • NAV 2009R2 and NAV 2013 (R2) installed with a database created in SQL Server
    • NAV development license for both versions

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