22 & 23 november 2018
Antwerp (Belgium)



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Peik Bech-Andersen


Senior Consultant, Lead MCT

A thousand course delegates a year cannot be wrong smile

Peik Bech-Andersen is a solution architect and senior developer in Denmark, Implementing solutions all-over the world, specializing in advanced manufacturing combined with master data replication and Intercompany solutions.

He first saw Navision in 1984 at the beta testing program of PcPlus. He started implementing manufacturing solutions in 1983 on IBM S/36 systems. Since the Dynamics NAV manufacturing module was released, he has implemented at least 50 Manufacturing solutions in all kinds of different businesses. Starting as an accountant in a production company and moving on to implementing systems, he has both the accounting, the development and the implementation background.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, he has conducted courses the last 10 years in topics like Dynamics NAV programming, installation, finance, trade, warehouse management and manufacturing. During the 10 years, he has Cunducted courses with thousands of participants in 14 countries. He maintains a blog in DynamicsUser.net where he writes about both programming, installation and application topics. Usually topics discussed during courses or customer implementations.

He is the author of:

  • “Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV”: The book about the Manufacturing module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, launched in 2014.
  • “RoleTailoring Microsoft Dynamics NAV”: The book about how to implement the RoleTailored client in an organization with success, launched in 2015.
  • Lastly, he is author of 26 “How-to-videos” released by Microsoft for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 about the MiniApp, published in 2013 and 2014.

He has been appointed:

  • Lead MCT for the Dynamics NAV 2013 version, reviewing course material for Microsoft and educating all other MCT’s in the new version
  • Beta tester as part of the ‘Sicily’ Beta testing team evaluating the next version of Dynamics NAV.
  • Member of the Credentialing Council at The Association of Dynamics Professionals.

Hosted sessions

Practical approaches for upgrading your NAV database and moving to extensions
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Room 8

Over the years we have customized thousands of customer databases using C/Side that now have to be converted to extensions using AL and Visual Studio Code.

During this session you will learn from real life scenarios how to avoid pitfalls and upgrade your customers in an efficient and cost effective way.

We will walk through examples and touch on challenges like:

  • Converting C/AL to AL
  • Data migration
  • Breaking down monolyths into microsolutions
  • Running hybrid with C/Side and extensions
  • Extension versioning
  • DotNet vs. Azure functions
  • Using API’s to replace C/AL

Building Solutions in Dynamics NAV 2018/365 Business Central in extensions v 2.0
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Conference Hotel

This workshop leads the delegate through a simulated implementation project, where the goal is to customize Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 or 365 Business Central to meet a customer’s requirement.

After a thorough introduction to the Visual Studio Code editor with integration to an off-site GitHub repository, the delegate will be given a simulated functional requirement document and must create a working solution.

The solution will be created purely as an extension in Visual Studio Code, without changing a single object of the standard application of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

The course will be 80% hands-on and includes pdf course materials. Virtual machines will be provided, including licenses.

The course covers:

  • The Visual Studio Code Editor
  • Native Github integration
  • Using Snippets
  • Creating Snippets
  • Converting existing objects to AL
  • And of course, creating objects:
    • New Tables
    • Extending existing tables, including which properties can be changed and where to add code to triggers
    • New Pages
    • Extending existing pages, including which properties can be changed and where to add code to triggers
    • Creating codeunits, including:
      • Event subscriptions
      • Install Codeunits
      • Upgrade Codeunits

    • Creating reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    • Creating reports in Dynamics NAV 2018
    • Creating XML Ports
    • Creating Queries

  • Controlling the Departments menu
  • Design patterns in Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 BC
  • Using the Visual Studio Code editor with other extensions, like:
    • PowerShell
    • XML Documents
    • JSON Tools
    • Snippet Creator

  • Upgrading to extensions
  • Differences between solution development in Dynamics NAV 2018 and Dynamics 365 BC


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.
  • You must know the Dynamics NAV integrated development environment
  • You must master programming in the C/AL language
  • You must understand the concept of programming with events
  • You must understand the concept of extensions

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 November. This is a two days workshop.

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