22 & 23 november 2018
Antwerp (Belgium)



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Esteban Ardaya Heckl


Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen
Senior Software Engineer

Esteban Ardaya Heckl is a Senior Software Engineer for the Dynamics SMB Cloud Services team.

Esteban joined Microsoft in 2014 just as the Cloud Services team had been formed, and he has played a major role in driving the design and implementation of the core services that make up the Dynamics SMB cloud offering.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

Hosted sessions

Under the hood of Business Central service
Room 8

You are probably familiar with the “viral sign-up” for Business Central (https://trials.dynamics.com), and maybe you have also sold Business Central through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

But do you know what actually happens when you go to https://businesscentral.dynamics.com? The first time you go there, and subsequent times? How and where is your “BC database” created, and when does it get deleted again, if ever?

In this session, we will cover:

  • How CSP, AAD, and BC work together, incl. the meaning of terms like tenants, environments, subscriptions, licenses, users, roles, and groups, and how they are connected
  • What actually happens when a user logs in to Business Central, incl. license checks, provisioning, “finding your tenant”, etc.
  • Which types of databases does Business Central run on
  • The service topology of Business Central, and how global vs. regional vs. local services work together
  • How the Business Central platform is evolving: It is no longer “just” the NST and the Web Client, rather it is becoming a web of special-purpose microservices

All presented using words, pictures, and demos.

It is our goal that you leave this session with:

  • A firm understanding of how the Business Central service works inside
  • Practical take-aways such as how to manage your customers and their environments, how to automate administrative tasks, etc.

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