22 & 23 november 2018
Antwerp (Belgium)



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Eric Wauters


iFacto Business Solutions | Cloud Ready Software
Partner | Development Manager

Eric is one of the founding partners of iFacto Business Solutions and Cloud Ready Software. With his 18 years of technical expertise, he is an everyday inspiration to its development teams. As development manager he continually acts upon the technical readiness of iFacto and CRS.Apart from that, Eric is also very active in NAV community, where he tries to solve technical issues and shares his knowledge with other Dynamics enthusiasts. Surely, a lot amongst you will have read some of Eric’s posts, which he invariably signs with “waldo”.

Lots of people have been using and even contributing to tools he shares for free on github and the PowerShell Gallery.

His proven track record entitled him to be awarded since 2007 as MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).

Hosted sessions

Evolution of a titan: a look at the development of NAV from an MVP angle
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Room 5

NAV of today is not NAV of yesterday. Every new version brings new things, old things become obsolete, and new concepts arise at every corner. Looking back at NAV over the past ten or fifteen years, there are very few things that are the same.

The architecture changed. The front end changed. Now, even the language changed. No matter when and how you started your NAV career, the NAV you work with today is not the NAV you started working with.

In this session, two of prominent NAV MVPs, Eric “Waldo” Wauters, and Vjekoslav “Vjeko” Babić will look back at the past fifteen years of development of NAV, and will provide insights, thought, reflections, praises, recommendations, and general thoughts of what happened, why it happened, how it influenced the future, as well as a look forward into what might be coming ahead and where this NAV ship is going to take us over the next few versions.

Fasten your seatbelts for a rollercoaster of architecture, best practices, technical twists and insight.

Rock ‘n Roll with VSCode
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Conference Hotel

Last year, waldo did a session about VSCode – the new development environment we as NAV developers should get used to. He was asked quite some times to put that into a workshop.

Well, here you go:

This workshop will focus on VSCode as a development tool, like:

  • Its configurability
  • Its extensibility
  • Coding hacks
  • Shortcuts
  • Snippets
  • SCM
  • ...

We will be installing and configure our VSCode the way we like for doing AL development. We will dive into VSCode Extensions which will help you during Al Development. And last but not least, we will create our own VSCode Extension.


  • I will prepare Azure VMs for you for during the workshop. All you need is your laptop with Wifi!

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 November. This is a one day workshop.

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  • “ Organisation was really well done - accomodation, shuttle service etc. That made me always feel relaxed and being able to stay tuned on the session contents. ”

  • “ The best of NAV TechDays is the more than sensational session environment both as a speaker and as an attendee. It allows attendees to really focus and it makes it worthwhile for speakers to prepare. ”

  • “ The little 3-wheel car with the coffee machine offered the best Espresso I ever had in my life. Not everthing in life should be technical stuff ... Thank you for a wonderful conference! ”

  • “ The venue is great. There is nothing out there as comfortable as the Kinepolis rooms, and I LOVE the way the slide decks is mixed in with video of the presenter on the screen. ”