22 & 23 november 2018
Antwerp (Belgium)



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Arend-Jan Kauffmann


Cloud Ready Software

Arend-Jan Kauffmann is a freelance and independent Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant and trainer. He has over 15 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and over 25 years of experience in the IT industry.

With a strong focus on architecture, design and integration, he has worked in different roles and with a broad range of technologies and platforms, including C/SIDE development, Microsoft .Net, Microsoft Azure and Office 365. He strongly believes that knowledge increases by sharing it, not by saving it. By delivering trainings and being a frequent speaker at conferences, he can put this into practice.

Besides this, Arend-Jan co-founded the Dutch Dynamics Community, a community for all Dutch Dynamics professionals to share knowledge. He also maintains a blog (www.kauffmann.nl) with in-depth technical topics. Since 2013 he is awarded as MVP.

Hosted sessions

CI/CD for Business Central
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Room 5

It all starts with a change requirement. And another one, followed by yet another one. And please, make it quick… Eventually this results in a new version of your product running for many end users. How do you make sure you can deliver quickly and keeping up the quality of the product at the same time? That’s what Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is about. We will discuss what CI/CD means and show real life implementations how to achieve this with Business Central.

Deep dive in AL
LEVEL: 400 - Expert
Conference Hotel

So you think you can do AL coding? There is always something new to learn! As soon as you have started creating Extensions v2 apps with AL in Visual Studio Code you will realize there is a lot more to discover. This workshop will go over many topics you always wanted to know more about. It brings you to the next level of developing Extensions v2.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Work with translations
  • Embed data
  • Include control add-ins
  • Publish web services
  • Integrate with other web services (including Azure Functions!)
  • Proper use of events
  • Configure VS Code
  • Differences between on-prem and cloud development
  • Update the symbol files
  • Multiple project structure
  • Dependent apps
  • Install & upgrade scenarios
  • Managing apps with PowerShell

Just to name a few… All brought to you by Arend-Jan Kauffmann, one of the most experienced teachers in AL development who already delivered dozens of workshops to hundreds of developers.

This is a 1-day workshop and can be combined with the workshop ‘First dive in AL’ on the day before.


  • The only thing to need to bring is your laptop. Workshops VM’s will be provided. Please feel free to use your own development environment instead.
  • You need to have knowledge of the AL language and Extensions v2. It certainly helps to have knowledge of C/SIDE and C/AL language.

Workshop date: Wednesday 21 November

Your first dive into AL
LEVEL: 200 - Intermediate
Conference Hotel

Do you know that feeling, not having enough time to learn something new? Stuck in C/SIDE and C/AL while envying others who play around with AL and Visual Studio Code? Or maybe you have tried to start with Extensions v2 but did not get as far as you want?

Whatever your reason is to start with AL and Visual Studio Code, this is your chance to enter the new era of modern development for Dynamics 365 Business Central! Take your first steps into this new world, guided by Arend-Jan Kauffmann, who has already delivered dozens of AL workshops to so many other developers.

This workshop that will teach you the basics of AL language and VS Code. You will learn how to set up Visual Studio Code, the structure of the AL language, the objects and how to use them. At the end of the day, you will be able to create an Extensions v2 app, deploy it and use it.

This is a 1-day workshop and can be combined with the ‘Deep dive in AL’ workshop the day after.


  • The only thing to need to bring is your laptop. Workshops VM’s will be provided.
  • It helps if you have knowledge of C/AL development. But even without you will be able to follow this workshop.

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 November

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