22 & 23 november 2018
Antwerp (Belgium)

Full program

09:00 - 17:00

Your first dive into AL
LEVEL: 200 - Intermediate
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

Do you know that feeling, not having enough time to learn something new? Stuck in C/SIDE and C/AL while envying others who play around with AL and Visual Studio Code? Or maybe you have tried to start with Extensions v2 but did not get as far as you want?

Whatever your reason is to start with AL and Visual Studio Code, this is your chance to enter the new era of modern development for Dynamics 365 Business Central! Take your first steps into this new world, guided by Arend-Jan Kauffmann, who has already delivered dozens of AL workshops to so many other developers.

This workshop that will teach you the basics of AL language and VS Code. You will learn how to set up Visual Studio Code, the structure of the AL language, the objects and how to use them. At the end of the day, you will be able to create an Extensions v2 app, deploy it and use it.

This is a 1-day workshop and can be combined with the ‘Deep dive in AL’ workshop the day after.


  • The only thing to need to bring is your laptop. Workshops VM’s will be provided.
  • It helps if you have knowledge of C/AL development. But even without you will be able to follow this workshop.

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 November

09:00 - 17:00

A day in the life of a Business Central developer
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

Our world is always changing, and it is changing faster and faster. The development environment keeps getting more flexible, which means that you need to know about more things each time that a new update comes out. The sheer number of things that you need to know about can feel overwhelming.

This workshop will give you the skills that you need to get a grip on the whole thing. We will start with an empty slate, and we will go through all phases of a development project, and cover every step of the way.

You will learn how to set up a development environment using Docker, how to create a source code management repository, how to approach different ways to do source code management, how to manage a project using Visual Studio Team Services, how to build all of the elements that come with a Business Central app, how to do automatic testing, how to submit apps to AppSource and how to maintain them, and everything else that comes with being a Business Central developer.

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 November. This is a one day workshop.

09:00 - 17:00

Rock ‘n roll with VSCode
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

Last year, waldo did a session about VSCode – the new development environment we as NAV developers should get used to. He was asked quite some times to put that into a workshop.

Well, here you go:

This workshop will focus on VSCode as a development tool, like:

  • Its configurability
  • Its extensibility
  • Coding hacks
  • Shortcuts
  • Snippets
  • SCM
  • ...

We will be installing and configure our VSCode the way we like for doing AL development. We will dive into VSCode Extensions which will help you during Al Development. And last but not least, we will create our own VSCode Extension.


  • I will prepare Azure VMs for you for during the workshop. All you need is your laptop with Wifi!

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 November. This is a one day workshop.

09:00 - 17:00

GIT deep dive
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

How Git works inside, branching strategies, merge strategies, this is what you need to know to be able to use Git on full speed.

We will be using the command prompt and/or git client of your choise (could have limited possibilities) and of course VSCode to demonstrate how different commands could be used to reach what you need. After the workshop you will know what words like “stash, reflog, squash, GitFlow ” means in the context of Git and you will have overview to make decisions and create rules when implementing and using SCM.


A basic knowledge of VSCode and SCM is advantage.

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 November. This is a one day workshop.

09:00 - 17:00

Developing control add-ins using AL language
LEVEL: 400 - Expert
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

Control add-ins have been around for a long time, but a true breakthrough has arrived only with the AL language support for them.
Building new control add-ins has never been easier, but there are still challenges to overcome, and best practices to observe, when building new, or porting old control add-ins to the AL language.

This one-day workshop, presented by a community veteran Vjeko Babić, will cover the development process for Control add-ins in AL language, end to end. It will arm you with all the necessary knowledge to build new control add-ins and make them blend seamlessly into your Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions.


  • A laptop
  • Development-level access to an instance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central with full permissions to deploy and manage control add-ins (preferably installed locally, or in an Azure VM)
  • Latest version of Visual Studio Code

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 November

09:00 - 17:00

Building Solutions in Dynamics NAV 2018/365 Business Central in extensions v 2.0
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

This workshop leads the delegate through a simulated implementation project, where the goal is to customize Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 or 365 Business Central to meet a customer’s requirement.

After a thorough introduction to the Visual Studio Code editor with integration to an off-site GitHub repository, the delegate will be given a simulated functional requirement document and must create a working solution.

The solution will be created purely as an extension in Visual Studio Code, without changing a single object of the standard application of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

The course will be 80% hands-on and includes pdf course materials. Virtual machines will be provided, including licenses.

The course covers:

  • The Visual Studio Code Editor
  • Native Github integration
  • Using Snippets
  • Creating Snippets
  • Converting existing objects to AL
  • And of course, creating objects:
    • New Tables
    • Extending existing tables, including which properties can be changed and where to add code to triggers
    • New Pages
    • Extending existing pages, including which properties can be changed and where to add code to triggers
    • Creating codeunits, including:
      • Event subscriptions
      • Install Codeunits
      • Upgrade Codeunits

    • Creating reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central
    • Creating reports in Dynamics NAV 2018
    • Creating XML Ports
    • Creating Queries

  • Controlling the Departments menu
  • Design patterns in Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 BC
  • Using the Visual Studio Code editor with other extensions, like:
    • PowerShell
    • XML Documents
    • JSON Tools
    • Snippet Creator

  • Upgrading to extensions
  • Differences between solution development in Dynamics NAV 2018 and Dynamics 365 BC


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.
  • You must know the Dynamics NAV integrated development environment
  • You must master programming in the C/AL language
  • You must understand the concept of programming with events
  • You must understand the concept of extensions

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 November. This is a two days workshop.

09:00 - 17:00

Docker on Windows & NAV on Docker deep dive
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

In this workshop you will get an introduction to Docker on Windows from installation to running your first containers and using container concepts. Then you will see how NAV on Docker is built, how you can customize it and finally go through some real life examples of how containers can help with your dev and ops strategy.


Participants have to bring their own laptop. Azure VMs that allows you to consume paid services will be provided.

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 November. This is a one day workshop.

09:00 - 17:00

Hungry? Taste Machine Learning!
LEVEL: 200 - Intermediate
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

Have you ever ordered a dish in a cafe, but you were told that it was not available?

I did. This is a very unpleasant situation. And for both parties.

The cafe can lose the client, simply because the demand was incorrectly predicted.

In this workshop we will see how machine learning can solve this problem. What general problems can be solved through machine learning? And what is it? A fashion word or a working tool?

We will see how using Dynamics 365 Business Central and machine learning in pairs, you can quickly solve problems that were previously very difficult to solve or not solved at all.

Detailed agenda:

  • Here is the answer, so what was the question? Understanding customer request.
  • Looking for treasure. Data search and preprocessing.
  • Swiss knife for prediction. Azure Machine Learning Studio.
  • Let’s try a role of Data Scientist. Data engineering with Python.
  • Teach me. Machine Learning data flow
  • Give me that brain please. Choosing right algorithm
  • I know the answer, can I share it? Publishing and AML web services
  • Everyone can be fortune-teller. Prediction from Dynamics 365 Business Central


  • Azure Machine Learning account
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central docker sandbox
  • Passion to learn something new

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 November. This is a one day workshop.

09:00 - 17:00

Bring Your Dynamics NAV Data to Life with Power BI
LEVEL: 200 - Intermediate
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

In this workshop, lead by Steven Renders, you will learn how you can create stunning dashboards with the Power BI toolset.

Using a hands-on approach, you will get an overview of the Power BI toolset and how to apply it to create stunning dashboards that not only bring your data to life but also learn from it.

At the end, you will have the skills so you can turbo-charge your reporting capabilities with Dynamics NAV and Power BI.


  • How Do I Get Started?
  • The Power BI Toolset
  • How to prepare your data model depending on the type of analysis and dashboard you want (DAX Design Patterns).
  • Real-world examples how Power BI provides insight to move forward.
  • Use and visualize your Dynamics data.
  • Real-world Examples
  • Tips and Tricks


  • Software:
    • Latest version of Dynamics NAV (W1 demo database) installed and working.
    • Office Excel 2016, Professional Plus or Office 365 Professional Plus edition.
    • Power BI Desktop

  • Knowledge:
    • Basic knowledge about the Dynamics NAV data model.

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 November. This is a one day workshop.

09:00 - 17:00

Getting Microsoft automated tests working on your solution
LEVEL: 200 - Intermediate
Pre-conference workshops
Conference Hotel

Since NAV 2016, with every major release and cumulative update, Microsoft provides us with a load of automated tests to run against standard code. As the solutions we build, one way or another, extend standard behavior, this standard test collateral can be an invaluable asset in safeguarding the quality of our code. Now in a fast changing market with a higher frequency of updates retesting your code, on a regular base and in shorter time, has become more relevant than ever. And actually the only option you have to achieve this is using automated tests.

In this one day workshop we will use the Microsoft standard tests to learn about the concept of automated testing and how to get the them run on your solution with as little as effort as possible. This will be a good basis for your next step: writing your own tests, the topic of the second workshop Writing your own automated tests, that will be held on Wednesday November 15, 2017.


Bring your laptop with

  • latest version of NAV installed with a clean CRONUS database, preferably w1
  • latest product DVD
  • your developers license

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 November. This is a one day workshop.

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