16 & 17 november 2017
Antwerp (Belgium)

Terms & Conditions

Registration Process & Payment

  • The conference fee is 345 EUR (excl. 21% VAT) if you register on or before 30 June 2017. From 1 July until 14 October, the fee is 395 EUR (excl. 21% VAT). After 14 October, the fee is 480 EUR (excl. 21% VAT). These prices are for the 2 days (there won’t be offered any one day tickets). Immediate payment is required for confirmation of your booking.
  • The price for a pre-conference workshop is 420 EUR (excl. 21% VAT). If you attend a workshop which spans two days, you pay twice the amount of 420 EUR.
  • Access to the walking dinner on Thursday evening is included in the full conference fee. Separate tickets can be purchased if you only want to attend the dinner for 60 EUR (excl. 21% VAT).
  • We will only accept registration payments via Stripe (credit card payments) or by bank transfer.
  • Conference registration will not be confirmed until the correct payment is received and processed.
  • We cannot be responsible for your spam filters blocking your confirmation email. Please be sure your spam filters will allow mail from registration AT navtechdays.com.
  • Accommodation and travel costs are not included in the conference registration fee. Attendees are responsible for making their own arrangements.
  • You accept all the terms and conditions of NAV TechDays by registering.
  • Registered attendees must be present at the event to receive their conference materials.


  • For any cancellation occurring on or before 1 September 2017, the full registration fee will be refunded minus a 20 EUR administration fee.
  • No refunds will be issued on any cancellations after 1 September 2017.
  • The registrant is responsible for cancelling hotel and travel reservations.
  • No refund can be obtained in case the event should be cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the organizer and which constitute a case of force majeure as there are, without limitation, natural disasters, strikes, terrorist threats, prohibition to hold the event imposed by a government, drop out of speakers, or for any reason whatsoever.


  • Registrants may transfer their registration to a colleague at any time with no additional cost, until 6 November 2017.
  • To request a substitution, you must contact the conference organizer by mail, or using the contact page on this website, at the earliest opportunity. Original registrants should not cancel their registration prior to contacting us.
  • The registrant is responsible for changing hotel and travel reservations.

Conference Agenda

  • The agenda, session topics and speakers are subject to change. Please visit the event website for updated details.

Personal Information

  • Participant contact details will not be sold or otherwise provided to any third parties. Credit card information will not be stored in our database.
  • By registering for NAV TechDays you give mibuso.com permission to contact you regarding your attendance at the event.
  • During registration, you have the option to mark which data may be published on the Registrants List. This is a list of all attendees with their name, forum account name, company, job title and country. If you don’t want to appear on this Registrants List, you have the option to hide your registration details. This list is available on the event website.
  • The e-mail addresses can also be used to circulate last minute details and announcements regarding this event.
  • Platinum sponsors can send blind mailings to all participants of the conference. It’s mibuso.com that sends out these mails. E-mail addresses are not shared with sponsors.
  • Registration badges will be used during the event. For identification purposes and admission to session halls, participants are requested to wear their badges at all times.
  • At the event, all booths are equipped with a badge reader to collect visitor information.

Internet Access - Acceptable Use Policy

NAV TechDays provides free wireless Internet access, however the speed and reliability cannot be guaranteed. We do our utmost best to offer you a good, fast, connection.

The following uses are not permitted:

  • To violate any local, state, or federal statute
  • To vandalize, damage, or disable the property of another individual or organization
  • To access another individual’s materials, information, or files without permission
  • To use scanning or hacking exploit tools on public networks
  • To violate copyright or otherwise use the intellectual property of another individual or organization without permission.

Participation & Behavior

  • Conference attendees are expected to behave professionally. Excessive use of obscene language, abusive behavior, or threatening behavior directed to any other conference attendee or organizer is not conducive to a learning environment and will be grounds for exclusion.
  • Recruitment activities are not allowed during the conference.
  • You consent to mibuso.com (or its designees who have been specifically contracted to make on-site recordings) recording you by any means including, without limitation, electronic recording, film, videotape, audio tape and photography (the “Recordings”) without compensation of any kind to you. You agree that mibuso.com shall be the copyright owner of the Recordings. You understand that mibuso.com is not obligated to use the Recordings.

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  • “ Again I really love this conference. I appreciate the high level of speakers and sessions. ”

  • “ The whole event is fantastic. I REALLY loved the pre-conference workshops, so I was very happy to hear that there will be two days next year. The food was great, the accommodation is great, SUPER seats and screen, having the sessions on video later is icing on the cake. ”

  • “ Feeling part of the NAV community, and awareness of new tools and paths for the present and future. Thanks A LOT for arranging this great event. ”

  • “ The venue is great. There is nothing out there as comfortable as the Kinepolis rooms, and I LOVE the way the slide decks is mixed in with video of the presenter on the screen. ”

  • “ GREAT job!! I kick myself for waiting until last year to go ”

  • “ The pre-conference days were probably the highlight. The sessions that were run by experts in their areas were phenomenal. ”

  • “ The best of NAVTechDays is the unique opportunity to meet fellow technically-inclined professionals, and being able to deep-dive into all things new. ”

  • “ This is by far my favorite event. If I had to choose just one to attend, this would be the one that I select. ”

  • “ As in the years before, the best place to get concentrated information about the upcoming technical road path and current development issues without any marketing mumbo-jumbo. That the group of the speakers is a blend with people from Microsoft and independent Partners alike is also an great asset to this event. ”

  • “ This is THE tech conference in the NAV universe! As in the years before there is a lot of interesting input. All and all it is well organized conference, which I really like to attend for four years in a row now. ”