16 & 17 november 2017
Antwerp (Belgium)


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Jakub Vaňák


Marques Olivia
Software Developer

Jakub started his professional career in 2005 as a Navision software developer in NAVERTICA (Czech Republic). He was working on many implementations during the five years long period spent with the partner. In NAVERTICA he also started development on .NET platform focused on the integration of the external, mainly graphical, components. Later his interest moved to the area of the web services (on the version 5 so still without the web services we know since NAV 2009). This interest remains until nowadays.

Since 2010 he has been working for Olivia Sistemas (now Marques Olivia) in Spain, last 3 years remotely as a freelancer. In Olivia, he has been working as a software developer on multiple solutions. Most of them included integrations with multiple third party software of both kinds - proprietary systems and also very well-known software like MailChimp, ZenDesk etc. During the last 4 years, he has dedicated partially to the administration of the company infrastructure. Here he got familiar with Docker. At the beginning on Linux and later, since the very first technical preview also on Windows Server 2016.

Since the September 2016 has been investigating possibilities of Windows Containers in relation to Dynamics NAV. He was enthusiastic about the idea running NAV on Docker and reduce so the time related with administrative tasks.

As a result of this activity, he created and maintain, together with Tobias Fenster, https://github.com/Koubek/dockerfiles-dynamics-nav repository on GitHub.

Hosted sessions

Easier and DevOps-friendly Dynamics NAV environments using Docker / Windows Containers
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
LEVEL: 200 - Intermediate
Room 8

Bringing your NAV solutions from the Development laptop to the Production system while keeping everything running flawlessly isn’t always as easy as it might seem. And answering the question why some obscure problem happens only in a customer installation on a given build but not in your In-House environment can be even harder to answer.

In this session you’ll get first a brief introduction to Windows Containers and Docker, and what Microsoft provides to help simplify rapid deployments while maintaining stability. Then we will show you how you can use the same technology to ease multi-CU installations and quickly adjust the Microsoft deliverables according to your needs. And you’ll get an idea how this can be used to get some resource governance for NAV Server instances. Even if you have never or only briefly heard of Docker and Windows Containers, they’ll introduce you to the concepts and technology and let you know how this can help to simplify your daily NAV workload as a developer or operations person.

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  • “ This is by far my favorite event. If I had to choose just one to attend, this would be the one that I select. ”

  • “ This is THE tech conference in the NAV universe! As in the years before there is a lot of interesting input. All and all it is well organized conference, which I really like to attend for four years in a row now. ”

  • “ The pre-conference days were probably the highlight. The sessions that were run by experts in their areas were phenomenal. ”

  • “ Again I really love this conference. I appreciate the high level of speakers and sessions. ”

  • “ As in the years before, the best place to get concentrated information about the upcoming technical road path and current development issues without any marketing mumbo-jumbo. That the group of the speakers is a blend with people from Microsoft and independent Partners alike is also an great asset to this event. ”

  • “ The venue is great. There is nothing out there as comfortable as the Kinepolis rooms, and I LOVE the way the slide decks is mixed in with video of the presenter on the screen. ”

  • “ Overall I thought it was very high quality, only one session I thought was a little too much of a stretch, but that's just my opinion, a very good event. Well worth the money. ”

  • “ The whole event is fantastic. I REALLY loved the pre-conference workshops, so I was very happy to hear that there will be two days next year. The food was great, the accommodation is great, SUPER seats and screen, having the sessions on video later is icing on the cake. ”

  • “ GREAT job!! I kick myself for waiting until last year to go ”

  • “ Great conference. The must attend conference for NAV developers. From a sponsor perspective this is the conference to sponsor if your target audience is technical decision makers. The NAV TechDays audience is full of CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, developers, technical people from VARs. ”

    Susanne Priess , Mergetool.com , United States