16 & 17 november 2017
Antwerp (Belgium)


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Eric Wauters


iFacto Business Solutions | Cloud Ready Software
Partner | Development Manager

Eric is one of the founding partners of iFacto Business Solutions. With his 12 years of technical expertise, he is an everyday inspiration to its development team. As development manager he continually acts upon iFacto’s technical readiness and guarantees that he and iFacto are always on top of the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV developments.

Apart from that, Eric is also very active in Microsoft Dynamics NAV community-life where he tries to solve technical issues and thrives to share his knowledge with other Dynamics NAV enthousiasts. Surely, a lot amongst you will have read some of Eric’s posts on Mibuso.com, Dynamicsusers.net or his own blog waldo.be, which he invariably signs with “waldo”. Lately he co-founded the Belgian Dynamics Community, a platform for all Belgian Dynamics NAV users, consultants and partners, enabling knowledge sharing and networking. His proven track record entitled him to be awarded since 2007 as MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).

Hosted sessions

Rock ‘n Roll with VSCode
LEVEL: 400 - Expert
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Room 8

For many Dynamics NAV developers, VSCode is a really new environment. For some .. It’s plain and simple “uncharted territory”.

On the other hand - it’s clear everyone of us is going to have to get used to this environment at some point in time.

It’s not just an environment we need to get used to. It is a very flexible and extendible environment, where we need to get the most out of it.

During this session, I’ll not only try to convince you that VSCode is really a step (and probably more than one) forward .. I’ll try to show you how to get more out of VSCode, by showing you features you would never have considered in C/AL.

Workshop date: Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 November. This is a one day workshop.

Event-based and SaaSified Software Architecture
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Conference Hotel

By the end of this year, there is a big chance that we will be introduced in a whole new Software Development Tool: VSCode. But actually the tooling is not the big picture. That actual big picture is the fact the we are evolving into a way of doing software, where we will be creating Extensions rather than full blown customizations on default Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

These Extensions are pushing a shift in the main development paradigm. It is pushing us away from procedural coding and towards an event-based and SaaSified software architecture, ready for the cloud. The Dynamics NAV standard application is not completely there yet, but you need to write your vertical or horizontal in a completely event-based way, with an user experience that is ready for Software as a Service.

Learn how to develop great software, with a minimal footprint and a SaaSified user experience in this workshop!

Workshop date: Tuesday 14 November

PowerShell Black Belt
LEVEL: 400 - Expert
Conference Hotel

For anyone that thought that PowerShell is out since the release of the New Developer Tools (VSCode) for Extension Development? Well, think again. PowerShell is still very useful and still very necessary in the world of software development – and definitely in the world of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. And it should get all the attention it deserves.

For that reason, also this year, there will be a “Black Belt” session on PowerShell. So, either if you are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV System Administrator or a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer (or both), this workshop can be the beginning of making your life much easier – or at least much more automated.

During this one day, we will dive into useful scripts out of the field. Even more, when registered, you will get an introduction mail that will give you the chance of giving proposals for scripts or automation challenges you would like to see solved.

We will also use the waldo’s PowerShell modules to be as productive as we can.

Workshop date: Wednesday 15 November

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  • “ Again I really love this conference. I appreciate the high level of speakers and sessions. ”

  • “ This is by far my favorite event. If I had to choose just one to attend, this would be the one that I select. ”

  • “ Absolute eye-opener. It helps to overcome fears of the unknown and stimulates the envy to try out new things. I am really very grateful to NAV TechDays and especially Luc Van Dyck to make this happen. ”

  • “ Overall I thought it was very high quality, only one session I thought was a little too much of a stretch, but that's just my opinion, a very good event. Well worth the money. ”

  • “ GREAT job!! I kick myself for waiting until last year to go ”

  • “ The best of NAV TechDays is the more than sensational session environment both as a speaker and as an attendee. It allows attendees to really focus and it makes it worthwhile for speakers to prepare. ”

  • “ The venue is great. There is nothing out there as comfortable as the Kinepolis rooms, and I LOVE the way the slide decks is mixed in with video of the presenter on the screen. ”

  • “ The pre-conference days were probably the highlight. The sessions that were run by experts in their areas were phenomenal. ”

  • “ The best of NAVTechDays is the unique opportunity to meet fellow technically-inclined professionals, and being able to deep-dive into all things new. ”

  • “ Great conference. The must attend conference for NAV developers. From a sponsor perspective this is the conference to sponsor if your target audience is technical decision makers. The NAV TechDays audience is full of CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, developers, technical people from VARs. ”

    Susanne Priess , Mergetool.com , United States