17 & 18 november 2016
Antwerp (Belgium)


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Gunnar Gestsson


NAV Architect

Born in a small town, Sauðárkrókur, on the north cost of Iceland. Finished BSc in economics in the Icelandic University. Got his first computer at the age of thirteen and started to program data handling applications. Started to work for Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga, first in old IBM System, then developing Visual Basic office solutions on top of that IBM System and in 1994 started developing in Navigator. Moved to Element, a company owned by Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga that was aquired by Advania in 2003. Have worked there since. His office is in Sauðárkrókur and he is running his dynamics.is web site from his home.

Hosted sessions

Migrating to Events
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Room 8

​In this session I will talk about the events Microsoft delivers with NAV 2016 and 2017. I will talk about some important do‘s and don‘ts in using events and how new NAV capabilities allows us to use methods in code that we used to avoid. You will see some examples of customizations in earlier versions and how this could be migrated to extension friendly events.

Extending the Data Exchange Framework
LEVEL: 400 - Expert
LEVEL: 300 - Advanced
Conference Hotel

The workshop will deal with four main tasks; importing bank statements, importing currency exchange rates, exporting bank payments and general import.

For bank statements import we will cover different file types including text, xml and Excel document. We will explore different sources like file prompt, reading from a file path and importing from a web service.

For currency exchange rates import we will learn how to extend that functionality to JSON file type support in a way that can be useful for all import types. We will break down the simplified user experience that is built on top of the data exchange framework to figure out if that model can be used for other import tasks.

We will look at the process for bank payment export and see how to implement our own file format and web service delivery.

General import includes OCR results and PEPPOL invoices and we will break that process apart to understand how to customize those import functions. When we understand the steps we can build our own custom import using general methods that are easilly extensible.

Note: This is a one-day workshop which will be repeated on Wednesday.

The workshop on 16 Nov is SOLD OUT! Still seats available for 15 Nov.


  • Skill 300-400 (Advanced – Expert)
  • Attendees need to have general knowledge of the Data Exchange Framework (http://www.dynamics.is/?p=2528).
  • Technical workshop environment:
    • Bring your own laptop!
    • You need to have pre-installed up-running NAV 2016 or NAV Madeira developement environment.
    • Bring your own NAV Developer‘s License.
    • Expect to be working with limited internet connection.

Other Speakers

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  • “ The whole event is fantastic. I REALLY loved the pre-conference workshops, so I was very happy to hear that there will be two days next year. The food was great, the accommodation is great, SUPER seats and screen, having the sessions on video later is icing on the cake. ”

  • “ Again I really love this conference. I appreciate the high level of speakers and sessions. ”

  • “ The pre-conference days were probably the highlight. The sessions that were run by experts in their areas were phenomenal. ”

  • “ This is THE tech conference in the NAV universe! As in the years before there is a lot of interesting input. All and all it is well organized conference, which I really like to attend for four years in a row now. ”

  • “ Absolute eye-opener. It helps to overcome fears of the unknown and stimulates the envy to try out new things. I am really very grateful to NAV TechDays and especially Luc Van Dyck to make this happen. ”

  • “ The best of NAVTechDays is the unique opportunity to meet fellow technically-inclined professionals, and being able to deep-dive into all things new. ”

  • “ As in the years before, the best place to get concentrated information about the upcoming technical road path and current development issues without any marketing mumbo-jumbo. That the group of the speakers is a blend with people from Microsoft and independent Partners alike is also an great asset to this event. ”

  • “ Great conference. The must attend conference for NAV developers. From a sponsor perspective this is the conference to sponsor if your target audience is technical decision makers. The NAV TechDays audience is full of CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, developers, technical people from VARs. ”

    Susanne Priess , Mergetool.com , United States

  • “ Overall I thought it was very high quality, only one session I thought was a little too much of a stretch, but that's just my opinion, a very good event. Well worth the money. ”