17 & 18 november 2016
Antwerp (Belgium)

Any Questions?

What do I get for this amount?

The admission fee is all-in, so including all consumptions and refreshments during breaks, lunches, walking dinner on Thursday evening. Even the parking is included.

What are these pre-conference days all about?

On Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 November 2016, the days before the conference starts, you have the opportunity to attend some workshops, teached by premium speakers. These workshops are organized in the conference hotel Lindner Hotel, and are full-day courses. Capacity for each workshop is either 10 or 15 participants.

The fee to attend a class is 350 EUR (excl. 21% VAT). This fee includes breaks & lunch but does not include accommodation costs. If your company resides in the European Union (but not in Belgium) and has a valid VAT Number, then no VAT will be added.

Where are the pre-conference days organized?

The workshops are organized in the conference hotel:

Linder Hotel & City Lounge
Lange Kievitstraat 125
2018 Antwerp

Can I register only for a pre-conference workshop and not for the conference?

No, that’s not possible. Pre-conference workshops are only available to conference attendees. As the max. capacity per class is limited, we give priority to conference participants. In the event that the max. capacity is not reached, then the pre-conference workshops might be available for non-conference attendees as well.

Can I register now for the conference, and at a later time for a pre-conference workshop?

Yes, you can register for the conference first and later decide to attend a pre-conference workshop. When you are ready to register for the pre-conference class, use the contact form and let us know the workshop you want to attend. We will send you a link to settle the payment.

As the max. capacity per workshop is limited, we suggest not to wait with registering for these classes though. We might run out of space very soon.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, sure.

The invoice will be send to the e-mail address that was specified when registering, after we have received your payment. If you payed by credit card, this is usually the same day. For bank transfers, this can take some days. Your payment must reach us within 14 days (= two weeks) after registration. After that period, your registration is cancelled automatically if no payment is received!

Please be sure your spam filters will allow mail from registration AT navtechdays.com, otherwise you won’t receive the payment details mail.

Do you offer group discounts?

For every 4 full conference tickets registered at the same time, you’ll get one extra ticket for free. When you buy 4 tickets you can send 5 people to the conference, when you buy 8 tickets you can send 10 people, etc.

All registrations should be done using the same company details & invoice address, and one global invoice will be created for all registrations. Please contact us before registering all names to let us know how many tickets will be bought, so we can create the correct invoice. This invoice is then mailed to you, so you can make the payment through bank transfer.

Note: this group discount does not apply to the pre-conference workshops.

Why do I have to pay 21% VAT if my company is not located in Belgium?

Under EU Customs and Excise Regulations, delegates from all the countries are required to pay VAT on any event taking place in the EU. For more info, see European Commission - Taxation and Customs Union (exception “B2B services in respect of admission to cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, entertainment and similar events”).

21% VAT is also added to the pre-conference workshop fee. If your company resides in the European Union (but not in Belgium) and has a valid VAT Number, then no VAT will be added for attending this workshop.

When and how will I receive the admission ticket?

2 weeks before the start of the conference, we will send you a mail (to the e-mail address used when registering). This mail contains a link to your admission ticket, which needs to be printed out and handed over at the registration desk at the entrance of the conference venue. In return of this admission ticket paper, you receive your conference badge and guide.

If you also attend one of the pre-conference workshops, a 2nd link appears in this mail. Please print this admission ticket as well, as it should be handed over at the registration desk of the conference hotel.

If you don’t have received this mail one week before the start of the conference, then let us know so we can track down the cause. It’s probably sent to a different e-mail address, blocked by a spam filter or we haven’t received payment yet.

Note: Admission tickets are only available for registrations which are fully payed.

What are the sponsor & exhibitor opportunities?

We have 5 sponsor formulas available: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze & Visibility.

The Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze packages all include a booth in the expo area. If you can’t make it to the conference, but still want to support & sponsor this event, you can opt for the Visibility formula.

Download the Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities brochure for full details & pricing.
Please use the contact page if you require additional information.

Note that recruitment activities are not allowed during the conference, therefore sponsoring is not available to companies with a recruitment background .

Are the previous conference websites still accessible?

The previous conference websites are accessible through www.navtechdays.com/2015 and www.navtechdays.com/2014.

Can I receive an invitation letter to get a business Visa?

There are many different requirements to obtain a Visa to enter countries. Some embassies may request a conference attendee to present a letter from the Conference Organizer to verify their intentions to attend that specific conference. It may also be necessary to verify that the requester has paid the registration fee in full. See website of Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs.

We will create such an invitation letter:

  • when you have registered for the conference, and
  • when we have received your payment of the conference fee, and
  • when you have booked a stay in a nearby hotel.

Please supply a copy of your passport when you apply for a Visa invitation letter, as we are required to mention your passport ID. Please send your request to info AT navtechdays.com.

Is it possible to change the name of a participant?

Yes, that’s possible. If you want to change the name of a participant, just send us a mail with the new details. We will update the registrant details, free of charge. Changing the names is possible until 10 October 2016.

Can I cancel my ticket?

For any cancellation occurring on or before 1 September 2016, the full registration fee will be refunded minus a 20 EUR administration fee.
No refunds will be issued on any cancellations after 1 September 2016.

Will there be a shuttle service?

For people staying in the conference hotel “Lindner Hotel”, we have arranged a shuttle service which will bring you to the conference venue and back again. The shuttle will operate on Thursday 17 November (morning and evening) and on Friday 18 November (morning and evening).

Max. capacity of each coach is 50 persons. Don’t let the 1st coach drive away empty!
Depending on traffic conditions, times can vary slightly.

The shuttle timetable is available in our conference app.

Is there a conference app available for my mobile phone?

Yes, it’s powered by EventsXD and is available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. There also exists a Windows app, so you can have all the conference news right on your desktop!

Grab it here or scan the QR-code below with your phone.

After installing the app, search for “NAV TechDays 2016” in the “All conferences” section.

Is it safe to make a credit card payment through this site?

Yes it is. All payments are processed by Stripe Inc. on their secure servers. All information is sent encrypted with the SSL protocol, ensuring safe data transfer. We do not store your card number or any other payment information on our servers or databases.

Can separate tickets be bought to attend the walking dinner?

Access to the walking dinner on Thursday evening is included in the full conference fee. If you can’t spend 2 days at the conference or if you want to invite your relations, then a separate ticket can be purchased. This ticket will give you access to the walking dinner & expo area on Thursday 17 November 2016.

The admission fee is 60 EUR (excl. 21% VAT).

platinum sponsors

I want to participate
  • Mergetool.com
  • AnveoNAV.com
  • ForNAV
  • IDYN

other sponsors

  • Tinx-IT
  • Fastpath
  • Simplanova
  • Continia
  • BI4Dynamics
  • NAV Skills Masterclasses
  • MobileNAV – ERP Anywhere
  • 2-Control
  • Dime
  • NAV Toolbox
  • BulkSMS.com
  • Clew
  • agiles
  • “ Overall I thought it was very high quality, only one session I thought was a little too much of a stretch, but that's just my opinion, a very good event. Well worth the money. ”

  • “ Great conference. The must attend conference for NAV developers. From a sponsor perspective this is the conference to sponsor if your target audience is technical decision makers. The NAV TechDays audience is full of CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, developers, technical people from VARs. ”

    Susanne Priess , Mergetool.com , United States

  • “ The best of NAVTechDays is the unique opportunity to meet fellow technically-inclined professionals, and being able to deep-dive into all things new. ”

  • “ As in the years before, the best place to get concentrated information about the upcoming technical road path and current development issues without any marketing mumbo-jumbo. That the group of the speakers is a blend with people from Microsoft and independent Partners alike is also an great asset to this event. ”

  • “ This is THE tech conference in the NAV universe! As in the years before there is a lot of interesting input. All and all it is well organized conference, which I really like to attend for four years in a row now. ”

  • “ Absolute eye-opener. It helps to overcome fears of the unknown and stimulates the envy to try out new things. I am really very grateful to NAV TechDays and especially Luc Van Dyck to make this happen. ”

  • “ The pre-conference days were probably the highlight. The sessions that were run by experts in their areas were phenomenal. ”

  • “ Again I really love this conference. I appreciate the high level of speakers and sessions. ”

  • “ The whole event is fantastic. I REALLY loved the pre-conference workshops, so I was very happy to hear that there will be two days next year. The food was great, the accommodation is great, SUPER seats and screen, having the sessions on video later is icing on the cake. ”